Tove Lo - Habits (The Chainsmokers Remix)
The Chainsmokers

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First Tune of the year from us has gotta be a freebie right... Lets start 2014 off correctly you. Not only would we describe ourselves as curious and sensitive, but also generous BUT y'all make sure when #Selfie 2.0 comes out you go buy that shit... none of that soundcloud ripper, zippyshare business...

Quickie from us: "So we are MAJOR fans of TOVE LO's, in fact we are certain she is going to be a massive name in music VERY soon. So, Habit's her song has been a major hit of the last year and has seen some interesting edits, but nothing in the dance genre. Habits is one of those unique blend of feelings, its gangster, sexy, relatable, and fun... In fact we aren't quite sure why its not on the same level as Lorde's Royals... So with that in mind, we set out to create a song that complimented the vocals and the subject of the song but brought it into the club arena. The thing with our production lately is we are looking to close the gap between this big kick room house with the huge spacey middle and really melodic full progressive sound and combine it with our love for Indie emotion... its definitely challenging but we feel we are getting closer and closer”

Quickie from us... " Taking Baths while getting High is pretty great as the song suggests (Note: Guys shouldn't really take baths, or if they do, don't tell anyone about it..."

Tove Lo is going to be massive and she is really cool! Check her out!

1) USA is going to win the World Cup
2) The Copy and Paste function was invented by a guy named Larry in 1973... Thank you so fucking much Larry
3) Alex's homemade Chili won 1st place at a County Fair
4) Drew's Mom is a teacher, Go Drew's Mom
5) Alex was a Golden Retriever in his past life... 
6) Girls in Turtle Necks are wack....

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